Anhängerbrosche mit Lagenachatkamee Gelbgold 750

Photo size: 856x1000 px

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Pendant brooch with shell cameo "Flora"
Photo size: 1602x2000 px
Anhängerbrosche mit Lagensteinkamee «Ceres»
Photo size: 1200x1200 px
Floral pendant brooch with deep sea corals and diamonds
Photo size: 1482x2000 px
Scarab pendant brooch with wings
Photo size: 1805x2000 px
Photo size: 4171x3109 px
Pendant brooch with conch cameo "Flora"
Photo size: 1641x2000 px
Ulmer Schmuck Mitte 20. Jh.
Photo size: 3002x3500 px
Pendant brooch with commesso cameo "Flora" with diamonds and emerald
Photo size: 1519x2000 px
Historicism medallion pendant brooch with chain
Photo size: 1640x2000 px
Gold necklace with three interchangeable pendants
Photo size: 1628x2000 px