View Vase "Hannover"

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Lid vase
Photo size: 1098x1200 px
Photo size: 2560x3200 px
Royal magnificent vase
Photo size: 884x1000 px
Anhängeuhr/Formuhr/signet: as a Museum, and probably unique gold signet - "urn"/"Vase" with a hidden clock, 2 hidden poison compartments and seal stone, probably Geneva to 1800
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DOMAN / DAMAN, E. ? (indistinct French signed;. Painter/19./20. Century), "still life with roses and Violets",
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Vasi, G.
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SEAN SCULLY, R.A. (B. 1945)
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Royal luxury vase with the Portrait of Wilhelm I of Prussia and the view of the Palace of Wilhelm I. in Berlin
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View vase "Schönbühel i. d. Wachau"
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Art Nouveau Vase with Kahla-view.
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