Baden: Grand of the order of the Zähringer lion, knight commander's cross, Duke

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Baden: medalbar of a front officer with 4 decorations.
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Large Clasp
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Major Friedrich I. of Baden Duke - Swedish uniform effects as a General à la suite
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Baden: Grand of the order of the Zähringer lion, knights cross 1 Duke. Class with swords.
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Hofer, Karl (Karlsruhe, Germany, 1878 - Berlin, 1955)
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Photo session around 1900
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Hans Christiansen (Flensburg 1866 - Wiesbaden 1945). In The Park
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Bertuch, F. J.: "a picture book for children".
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Helmet for a reserve of field artillery officers, around 1900
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Johann Hermann Baptist Hundt (1894 Mülheim an der Ruhr - 1974 Plettenberg)
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