Important travel service with hunting decor

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Dorazio, Piero, 1927 - Rom- 2005 Perugia-Umbrien. The garden of the Emperor, the NINTH Day. 1968-74
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DIETER ROTH (1930-1998) & RICHARD HAMILTON (1922-2011)
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AI WEIWEI (B. 1957)
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VRUBEL, MIKHAIL (1856-1910) Volkhova .
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Pocket watch: gold English double case-Spindeluhr of outstanding quality, and very early a toc et a tact repeater, master watchmaker: Fromanteel & Clarke, London, CA. 1690-1700
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OSSOVSKI, PETR (1925-2015) Old Anchors, from the series "In the Ancient Land of Pskov" , signed and dated 1972.
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Silent vase life of flowers.
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Master of the Berry Apocalypse (fl1407-20)
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ZHANG DAQIAN (1899-1983)
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