BELL ET ROSS (Vers 2010

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Untitled (Mirror Object)
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Small Charles X Mantel Clock
Photo size: 3499x4016 px
Stylle, P.v.d.
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Helmet M 1849 of a bugler of the guard troops
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Reputation, Hermann
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HENRI LE SIDANER (1862-1939)
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Iron cone helmet with a short Breastplate, khasarisch, 10. - 11. Century
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Pocket watch: exceptional, great Italian Spindeluhr with Repetition a toc et a tact, Les Freres Lance Turin No. 451, CA. 1770
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Zwei Silberteller und eine Schale mit Monogramm Wilhelms II. unter Krone, Friedländer 1890 und Vollgold & Sohn 1897
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