Character boy toddler body, Alt, Beck & Gottschalck.

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'Mille Fleur'-Vase aus Porzellan
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Bruno GASSER (1947-2010)
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Anton Peschka, Floral Still Life
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Characters and Malübungen of a soldier
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Saint Phalle, Niki de
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Pocket watch: Museum Patek Philippe Pocket chronometer with Equation of time, perpetual calendar and moon-phase, No. 31090, Geneva, in 1870, only 7 of these watches were manufactured!
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John the Baptist
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Exceptional Seidenghom, Mostly Manufactory "Jamshidi". Central Persia
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Emil Rau
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Mirko Horvat (1955): Rural Representation Of Austria / Hungary. Behind-Glass Painting. 1988.
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