Danish or German Romantic Artist

Photo size: 1000x775 px

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2 damask towels, rose petals 1920
Photo size: 2179x1100 px
Spanish Impressionist.
Photo size: 1024x489 px
Pseudo-Dionysius (author); Barsegh and Yakob Sebastats’i (illuminators)
Photo size: 3200x2133 px
Oswald Herzog
Photo size: 3000x2827 px
Vegetable bowl, Nymphenburg, after the model by Dominikus Auliczek
Photo size: 1126x889 px
Photo size: 1280x756 px
André Derain (Chatou, 1880 - Garches, 1954). Kopf
Photo size: 1200x1531 px
Lorenzo Quaglio II., attr., Tiroler Berghof
Photo size: 1772x1261 px
Decorative fireplace screen with hunting painting
Photo size: 1200x1793 px
Watch: extremely rare Patek Philippe men's watch, one of the rarest references-40s, Ref.1567 in 18K rose gold, Geneva, in 1944, with the master excerpt from the book
Photo size: 1600x1200 px