DANTSIG, MAI (1930-2017) Hot Summer, from Childhood Memories , signed with initials, also further signed, inscribed in Cyrillic "g. Minsk", titled, and dated 1985 on the reverse.

Photo size: 1150x1250 px

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Extremely rare icon of the mother of God of Tichvin with the Titulus "Mary the mother of Christ, the king of Nazareth"
Photo size: 1040x1200 px
Free City Of Danzig : Danzig Cross, 1. Class.
Photo size: 2831x3764 px
Photo size: 1280x1070 px
Dt. Sergeant (Stalin grade fighters) of the Wehrmacht: 400 photographs, 1941/42. France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Russia,...
Photo size: 1024x768 px
Alexander of Villedieu (ca 1170-1240)
Photo size: 3200x3200 px
Free City Of Danzig : Danzig Cross 2. Class.
Photo size: 377x768 px
Karl Dönitz - official signature confirmation in 1945, with a photograph
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
Anhängeuhr: rare Miniatur-Anhängeuhr mit Diamantgehäuse, vermutlich Le Coultre, um 1900
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
Air raid protection / RLB, mixed lot of two membership pins and Danzig air raid protection badges
Photo size: 1176x1114 px
Photo size: 3509x5328 px