Cover Pot, Meissen

Photo size: 1557x1863 px

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FLEMING, Ian (1908-1964)
Photo size: 3200x3199 px
Set of 12 miniature objects
Photo size: 2250x3000 px
Jizhou-Schale mit Punktdekor, China, wohl südliche Song-/Yuan-Dynastie, 13./14. Jhdt.
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
Military Post Cards France/Germany
Photo size: 1772x1210 px
Biedermeier Sofa
Photo size: 1476x1101 px
Empire pot with a fine lion head decor
Photo size: 1200x1200 px
REDOUTÉ, Pierre-Joseph (1759-1840) and Claude Antoine THORY (1759-1827)
Photo size: 2445x3200 px
Baden: medalbar of a front officer with 4 decorations.
Photo size: 1280x751 px
Stieler and Andree, Spamer.
Photo size: 331x567 px
Photo size: 566x640 px