Dietz, Elmar (1902 Jesser Village - 1996 Munich, Germany). Taurus

Photo size: 1321x1200 px

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Photo size: 1067x1600 px
Rare and impressive large initiation figure
Photo size: 1389x1200 px
Emaille-Andenkenbecher Deutsch, 1897, Becher als Erinnerung an Kaiser Wilhelm I
Photo size: 2488x2860 px
Enamel souvenir mug German
Photo size: 1113x1280 px
Large Baroque Chest Of Drawers
Photo size: 1600x1217 px
Small faience jar with Dutch motifs
Photo size: 1200x1200 px
Small Cabinet
Photo size: 1181x1091 px
An important long knife, southern German, around 1530/40
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
62-PIECE DINING AND dessert service, 'gold edge' German, KPM Berlin, 1914-1919
Photo size: 1600x1066 px
Seltenes Paar Barock-Kommoden
Photo size: 1600x711 px