FRANCE (radius of Pierre-Adolphe Hall, in 1736, o. 1739 Borås - 1793, Liege) 3. District 18. Century

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COCTEAU, JEAN (1889-1963) Schale "India Medieval", um 1960, LIMITIERT!
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Louis XVI Secretary
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France (Ary Scheffer, 1795 Dordrecht - 1858 Argenteuil, Radius?) 1. Half of the 19th century. Century. The Greek freedom fighters with two young women and a child
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Peter Martin Bleibtreu (1921 - 1994) - 66 photos of the journalists from the environment of Hitler to the Nuremberg trials
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Solimena, Francesco
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Roll the jug and handle pot
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Karl Barbed Scheid, Abstract Composition
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Magnificent lidded vase with Limoges enamel painting
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CHARLES SCHNEIDER 1881 Château-Thierry - 1953 Épinay-sur-Seine VESSEL 'LAVENDER'
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