Large Baroque Terrine out of the Möllendorf

Photo size: 1250x1026 px

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Large mirror with Ducal coat-of-arms style Baroque
Photo size: 824x1200 px
Large Rococo Supra Porte
Photo size: 1500x269 px
Grandfather clock
Photo size: 613x1280 px
Large Baroque Longcase Clock
Photo size: 458x1772 px
Baroque Wardrobe
Photo size: 1689x1772 px
Large baroque iron chest
Photo size: 1200x1012 px
Large Baroque Tabernacle Secretary
Photo size: 628x1024 px
Smaller Gdańsk Baroque Table
Photo size: 1063x901 px
Baroque writing casket, South Germany, around 1700
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
Large Baroque Sacristy Cabinet
Photo size: 778x1000 px