Large Biedermeier Chest Of Drawers

Photo size: 640x570 px

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Set of six Biedermeier chairs
Photo size: 2000x996 px
Breast-plate of life with pears on a porcelain
Photo size: 1600x1105 px
Small two schubige late Biedermeier chest of drawers
Photo size: 920x598 px
Large Biedermeier model chest of drawers
Photo size: 1499x1500 px
Biedermeier-arrow mirror with console table
Photo size: 840x2126 px
Late Biedermeier Milk Jug
Photo size: 1024x897 px
Architects Cabinet Biedermeier
Photo size: 1705x1772 px
Biedermeier ceremonial plate to 1840
Photo size: 1201x1100 px
Biedermeier chest of drawers with Secretary drawer
Photo size: 1063x945 px
Large Biedermeier Extending Table
Photo size: 1024x796 px