GRÜTZNER, EDUARD VON (big karlowitz 1846-1925 Munich, hunting and genre painter), "Tyrolean forest guardians"

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Grützner, Eduard von. A warrior and a monk with a dog in the wine cellar, study
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Grützner, Eduard von: Drinking monk.
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Ludwig HOLZAPFEL after Eduard VON GRÜTZNER (1846-1925)
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Pocket watch: historically significant Art Deco Herrenset "Piece Unique", including a significant pocket watch with minute repeater, Meylan, Brassus, probably from the nobility in possession of the Melo family, CA. 1930
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GRÜTZNER, Eduard von: Drinking nobleman.
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Eduard von Grützner, snack bread
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Schwere Wahl
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Eduard von Grützner, Falstaff With earthen jug and wine glass.
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