HENRI GODET (1863-1937)

Photo size: 1280x800 px

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4 children's books by Gertrud Caspari
Photo size: 1780x1100 px
Isidore Stanislas Henri Helman (1743-c.1809)
Photo size: 1500x2000 px
Ring watch: high interesting and high fine historical ring watch, signet ring with a built-in clock and mountain crystal seal, Henry Capt Geneve, CA. 1850
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
Swan Couple - Heinrich, Else
Photo size: 1690x1100 px
Julius Seyler, Elf sketches, with landscapes, horses, shell collectors, etc.
Photo size: 2049x1500 px
Alciati, A.
Photo size: 1000x1709 px
Fragment of an architectural frieze with a representation of a deity
Photo size: 353x640 px
Pocket watch: extremely rare, possibly unique French Spindeluhr with repeater à toc et à tac, and special dial with a written hours, master watchmaker, Jacques Jerome Gudin Paris 1732-1789
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
Meindron, E.
Photo size: 1278x1800 px
Miniature chain with 3 awards,
Photo size: 649x329 px