Historically significant and extremely rare stamp from a dessert essay of Empress Catherine II of Russia

Photo size: 1976x1697 px

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The estate of a Sailor 2. World war
Photo size: 1386x1772 px
Bauer, B.
Photo size: 1000x1630 px
French Sculptor
Photo size: 1176x1500 px
Photo size: 2535x3200 px
FILLASTRE, Guillaume (1348-1428)
Photo size: 2152x3200 px
Württemberg: gift album "Tab to the Celebration of the 100 anniversary of the Dragoner-regiment "König" - Duke Robert of Württemberg.
Photo size: 1017x1280 px
Pocket watch: historically significant Gold/enamel savonnette with diamonds, from the possession of Sultan Mehmet V. (MEHMET REŞAD)1844 - 1918, Constantaras Freres, Constantinople, Joailliers en Chef de Sa M. J. Le Sultan No. 350180, 1909
Photo size: 1400x1050 px
German Reich 1933-1945 - Ship of the air force
Photo size: 1500x1500 px
Cigarette case: historically significant, antique cigarette case, masterly, finely chased silver work, gift from the possession of Reza Shah Pahlavi (1925-1941), with a large golden coat of arms of the Pahlavi
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
Calvin's "institutes of the Christian Religion," Switzerland at the end of 16. Century -
Photo size: 1500x1500 px