An elegant table clock

Photo size: 1743x1743 px

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Lucan's Pharsalia
Photo size: 2421x3200 px
Otto Poertzel
Photo size: 1406x2000 px
Silk Hereke with metal paperback
Photo size: 480x640 px
Gerta Overbeck
Photo size: 873x1024 px
Netsuke: Sitzender Kirin
Photo size: 1013x1200 px
Henkel peel school, Henry van de Velde
Photo size: 1772x1336 px
Elegant earrings: silver 925, rhodium plated, pearls, very beautiful.
Photo size: 1000x1000 px
Respectable Gemme/Kamée brooch with circumcised and carved shell length: silver plated. Classicism to 1820.
Photo size: 1000x1000 px
A large silver Cup, awarded by Kaiser Wilhelm II, dated Königsberg, 2.8.1911
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
Fritz Burger
Photo size: 2367x3000 px