Hunt Cup, Meissen

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Meissen Marcolini Cover 1774/1813
Photo size: 975x1024 px
VINTAGE MEISSEN "GREEN HOFDRACHE", hand-painted gold staffiertes and glazed porcelain, 1.Choice, marked, 20. Century
Photo size: 1800x660 px
Photo size: 1131x1600 px
Cupid and Psyche
Photo size: 1772x1414 px
Brooch: antique flower brooch with big diamond roses, probably Russian, 19th century. Century
Photo size: 1400x1050 px
Vintage ladies wrist watch with diamond trim
Photo size: 800x800 px
Wild schweinfuß as a hunting Cup. Germany
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Meissen Cup hunting décor, around 1765
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Portrait Of A Condottiero From The Gambara Family, Holding A General Staff
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Ring: very expensive, massive and modern crafted brilliant-Memoire-Ring by Wempe, made in 950 platinum, approx 2.5 ct brilliant-cut diamonds of very good quality
Photo size: 1600x1200 px