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Necklace/Collier: very high quality diamond/emerald necklace, new gold wrought work, as new from the jeweler's estate
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Charming shamrock pendant with diamonds
Photo size: 918x1066 px
Two-row beaded chain Breeding with an emerald - diamond decorative buckle in the loss
Photo size: 2410x1917 px
Aquamarine necklace with diamonds
Photo size: 975x1200 px
Feine lange Akoyaperlenkette
Photo size: 1500x1500 px
Äußerst seltenes klassizistisches Diadem mit Diamantbesatz
Photo size: 717x1000 px
Collier mit 48 Brillanten von zus. ca. 3,2 ct,
Photo size: 1500x1500 px
Floral necklace with diamonds
Photo size: 977x1200 px
White gold rivie necklace with diamonds totaling over 10.50 carats
Photo size: 1643x2000 px
Fine diamond pendant with chain
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