"Small Hand, and Denck-Bible"

Photo size: 1200x1200 px

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Luger-Karabiner Mod. 1900 - 2000, Commemorative Wagner & Sohn, im Kasten
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
Important vase object of Umberto Belloto
Photo size: 591x1000 px
Golden half-savonnette watches, necklace and signet ring
Photo size: 1200x1200 px
Small Decorative Ränkchen
Photo size: 2225x3243 px
China GOLD 100 Yuan 1991 Panda with a bamboo branch in his mouth at the water sitting,
Photo size: 1500x1500 px
Christian Wilhelm Ernst Dietrich gen. Dietricy
Photo size: 1299x899 px
Votivthangka für die weibliche Gottheit Ushnishavijaya
Photo size: 543x800 px
Small Jain Altar
Photo size: 1321x1200 px
Photo size: 2116x3000 px
3 small butter lamps
Photo size: 2328x1497 px