KOROVIN, KONSTANTIN (1861-1939) Porte Saint-Martin by Night, Paris , signed, inscribed "Paris" and dated 1929.

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Parisian Suburb
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Landscape with farmhouse and vineyard
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Parisian Street at Night
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Boulevard des Italiens, Paris
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KOROVIN, KONSTANTIN (1861-1939) Costume Design for the A. Dargomyzhsky Opera “Rusalka” , signed, stamped with the artist’s studio stamp, inscribed in Cyrillic “Opera Rusalka” /i /“Balet” and numbered “N 4”.
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ROZHDESTVENSKY, VASILY (1884-1963) Landscape with a Tree , signed and dated 1924.
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Parisian Street by Night
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Parisian Boulevard at Night
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