Beautiful gold plated pocket watch with diamonds and painted enamel

Photo size: 1702x1702 px

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Ring: beautiful vintage diamond/flower ring in 18K white gold, brilliant-cut diamonds approximately 1.2 ct
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
Pendant with a beautiful agate gem of a warrior
Photo size: 1439x1600 px
Pearl Diamond Earrings
Photo size: 1236x1000 px
A ring with an emerald and brilliant cut diamonds
Photo size: 2600x1950 px
Ring: exceptional vintage chrysoprase ring with small diamonds
Photo size: 1400x1050 px
Pocket watch: large decorative Oignon with silver case, Jean Godde Le Jeune, clockmaker to Louis XIV, master since 1691, recorded until 1729
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
Aparter Ring with Opal
Photo size: 1010x1360 px
Kutschenuhr: significant, highly complex in Berlin Kutschenuhr, D. Nevier (Névir) Berlin, Hger du Roi, watchmaker to the court of the Prussian king, Friedrich, CA. 1760
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
Photo size: 3200x1963 px