Magic Train, Fleischmann

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VRUBEL, MIKHAIL (1856-1910) Volkhova .
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Fidus, girl and lion
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Faberge Samovar-teapot with internal strainer
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PUCCINI, Giacomo (1858-1924)
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Music stand
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Figure from the carnival of St. Petersburg
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Kessler, H.v.
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Biedermeier Chest Of Drawers
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Pocket watch: a unique, historically interesting gold savonnette with 7 complications, a perpetual calendar and minute repeater, formerly in the possession of the Russian Mazurin dynasty, Pavel Buhre No. 2507, watchmaker to the court of the Tsar, dated 18
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Exceptional Seidenghom, Mostly Manufactory "Jamshidi". Central Persia
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