Clip-on earrings with various colored gemstones and diamonds,

Photo size: 1500x1500 px

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Earrings: fancy, hand-crafted, brilliantly-Designer clip earrings, crafted from 18K Gold, Bicolor
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
ITALY REVUE Pair of costume jewelry clip-on earrings, 1950s
Photo size: 1500x1500 px
A Pair of clip-on earrings with Mabé cultured pearls and diamonds
Photo size: 1280x1064 px
Pair of Gold clip-on earrings with enamel decor
Photo size: 1000x1000 px
Coral clip-on earrings
Photo size: 1920x1523 px
CHANEL VINTAGE costume jewelry clip-on earrings, collection: 1984 - 1992.
Photo size: 1500x1500 px
Pair of bicolour clip-on earrings from Zerrenner
Photo size: 1280x997 px
Turquoise And Diamond Clip-On Earrings
Photo size: 1173x1024 px
Coral necklace and clip-on earrings
Photo size: 1241x1280 px
CHANEL VINTAGE clip-on earrings, 1995 spring / summer collection.
Photo size: 1500x1500 px