Couple of small figures of the river gods

Photo size: 2000x897 px

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3 lamps and 1 Signal for a Bahnanla
Photo size: 1300x1300 px
ROSENTHAL SELB BAVARIA Large porcelain figure "love spring"
Photo size: 1500x1500 px
Wehrmacht : 6 Coupling Locks.
Photo size: 968x768 px
Couple of coffee place settings
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Apoll mit Muse
Photo size: 1228x1772 px
Lot of 2 bayonets.
Photo size: 1112x1280 px
Photo size: 1600x1178 px
Collection of high-level effects, 19. Century
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
A Couple of pigeons made of clay, Hellenistic, 3. - 1. Century before Christ
Photo size: 2048x544 px
Goebel Owl Couple
Photo size: 568x800 px