Prof., Erich Heckel, Collection Of Correspondence

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Classicist writing utensils, France / Paris, around 1830
Photo size: 1100x1100 px
Exceptional of Padmapani standing
Photo size: 997x1280 px
Spitzweg, Carl. Landscape with a Romanesque village Church
Photo size: 1184x677 px
Silent vase life of flowers.
Photo size: 3928x3166 px
Nama-sangiti Manjushri
Photo size: 517x640 px
Rare and exceptional large Tumbuan-gable mask
Photo size: 980x1200 px
Pocket watch: important, early, early, early and exceptionally large einzeigrige Oignon with enamel-housing "The death of Cleopatra", attributed to Jean Mussard V., factory signed Francois Bourdain a Bourdeaux, recorded 1688-1695
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Prof., Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, Am Waldsee
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Pocket watch: very beautiful Louis XV Spindeluhr with 4-color gold case, signed Hentschel Strasbourg, CA. 1760
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