Relief plate with Shiva.

Photo size: 1920x1908 px

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Plate with basket relief Nymphenburg, around 1770
Photo size: 1280x1255 px
Baroque-style humps
Photo size: 1026x1280 px
Sideboard plate with Faunsszenen, Krister.
Photo size: 1024x1024 px
Highly museum-quality plate around 1750
Photo size: 1203x1100 px
TÜRKEI Fußschale, 900 Silber, 1. Hälfte 20. Jh.
Photo size: 1500x1500 px
Large art Nouveau fish serving plate made of Kayser pewter
Photo size: 1200x1200 px
6 Fruit Platter, Thomas.
Photo size: 1300x1300 px
Stamp collection German Reich 1872-1945 completely/share DM
Photo size: 1772x1284 px
English Silver Tray.
Photo size: 1300x1300 px
Large Victorian Extending Table
Photo size: 4000x1893 px