Sitting Couple

Photo size: 1600x1173 px

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Apoll mit Muse
Photo size: 1228x1772 px
Goebel Owl Couple
Photo size: 568x800 px
Extremely rare figure group "The lovers shepherd couple"
Photo size: 1332x1300 px
Vase with a couple of Pheasants in flowering peonies
Photo size: 1260x1200 px
Pocket watch: unique, ultra-fine enamel watch in the style of the painting of Blois, of the 17. Century. , Koehn Geneve No. 72362, almost identical to the Patek Philippe Emailleuhr No. 76344 from 1887
Photo size: 1600x1200 px
Management Board-Prunkpendule
Photo size: 573x640 px
Photo size: 867x1280 px
Khasarpana-Padmapani, the "Lotus-bearer"
Photo size: 436x640 px
Porcelain group of lovers with gilt bronze mounting
Photo size: 1918x1920 px
Group of figures with cats as a love couple on a bench
Photo size: 1002x1024 px