Peinture "Alice au pays des merveilles"

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Localisation: Ukraine, Kiev
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Irina Nevshupa. "Alice au pays des merveilles"
Картина "Alice in Wonderland", холст, художественный акрил, лак. Размер холста 20х30 см, в деревянной раме, с навесом. Общий размер 30х40 см.

This work is my vision of Alice from Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland"

As an illustrator, I portrayed Alice's meeting with a white rabbit. When you draw something by books story, the images appear before your eyes. My Alice turned out just like that. Red-haired, with large green eyes.

I paint with acrylic, because this material is most suitable for paintings in nursery. It is ecologian, but at the same time quite durable.

You can buy a reproduction on a natural canvas, varnished, format 30x40cm or 40x50cm. Or
digital file.
À propos de l'artiste
Живу и работаю в г. Киеве. Основная специализация - художник-иллюстратор деткой книги уже около 20 лет. Так же занимаюсь росписью детской мебели из дерева, под заказ, и пишу картины.

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