Mariana Saparbaeva. Le roi de l'année

Localisation:Kirghizistan, Bichkek
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Mariana Saparbaeva. Le roi de l'année
De noël de l'image. Symbole de l'année, apporter la bonne chance.
À propos de l'artiste
Painting is for me a huge and endless world in which I feed on and live. From the age of six she started to draw and write poetry. At school age started diligently study the anatomy of humans and animals. I was very interested to learn more about their structure. Independently started to learn the techniques of drawing to draw better. With pleasure I watched the origin of nature, created by God. Loved to write poems on different themes and loved to paint paintings of nature. Gives great pleasure to paint pictures from nature. And this love of painting lives with me to this day.