Макс Ант. Кальдера

Местонахождение:Россия, Москва
Доступность продукта:В наличии
Макс Ант. Кальдера
Концепция работы: источником вдохновения для работы послужили сюрреалистические видения в снах, символизирующие неукротимое желание вернуться в детство. "Кальдера" - символ освобождения, чистоты и невинности, безграничной и свободной от всех земных ограничений, символ самых заветных желаний человечества.
Масло на холсте. Большая картина 155х100 сантиметров.

EN: Max Ant. "Caldera". Concept of work: the Source of inspiration for the work was the surreal visions in dreams, symbolizing the indomitable desire to return to childhood. "Caldera" is a symbol of liberation, purity and innocence, unlimited and free from all earthly limitations, a symbol of the most cherished desires of mankind.
Oil on canvas. Large painting 155 Х 100 centimetres.
О художнике
Art is my life. Without art, my life would be boring, monotonous and meaningless. Art brings a touch of beauty to my life. Art for me is not just drawings, melodies or strange sculptures. Art gives me a unique opportunity to show my inner world, a piece of truth. For me, it is a reconciliation of dreams and reality. Together with paints I leave on a canvas a particle of the internal world when you can want, comprehend and do something spiritually beautiful that can be pleasant and bring to people genuine pleasure and delight, to make the world more beautiful. In the process of creative search, I set myself the task of seeing and showing the extraordinary in the ordinary and the ordinary in the extraordinary. Infinitely happy is the person who can see something beautiful in the ordinary and everyday, and I am that person. Veryimportantlot for me is the opportunity to show their art to thousands of people from all over the world and get inspiration to create new masterpieces. Because art lives when someone perceives it.

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