antique porcelain vases

Antique porcelain vases

Ever seen an antique vase placed at a strategic site?

You just have to agree that nothing beats the radiating beauty of an antique vase. It adds a classical touch to your interior decorations and delivers an exquisite look.

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What are Porcelain Vases and when are they Antique?

Porcelain vases are ceramic wares of different shapes and sizes used mainly for decorative purposes. They could hold flowers or other valuables or they could be used as individual decorative pieces.

It is an antique porcelain vase when it dates far back into time. For example, the origin of porcelain vases can be traced to ancient Chinese art and pottery. At early times, porcelain wares were made for the imperial court and for export. In fact, up till date, porcelain is still referred to as ‘china’.


Antique White Porcelain Vases

Antique porcelain vases could be white, flowery, or specific. Regardless of whether or not there are patterns, the allure is simply irresistible. It gives an aesthetic beauty and texture to your interiors.

Here are reasons why you should have an antique porcelain vase:

  • It improves your decoration and adds confidence to your abode;
  • You can never go wrong with a touch of white.

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Many of them may have sat in the rooms of royalty before, and let's not even mention the golden, glassy, or even bronze look that they carry.