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An auction is a popular way for public selling various art objects. At auctions, buyers compete for the right to purchase the lot selected at auction. The winner is usually a participant who has offered the highest price for an art object.

Veryimportantlot portal is a convenient platform where interesting art auctions are constantly held online. Here, every visitor can get a great opportunity to get acquainted with catalogues of the most famous auction houses, choose a suitable lot and buy it at auction. Discover the fascinating world of art auctions online and place your bids!

Antiques Auctions

Antique auctions are a great chance for any participant to become the owner of an artful masterpiece created by ancient masters. At such auctions, auction houses always put up a great number of rare items:

  • orders and weapons;
  • furniture and paintings;
  • jewelry and icons;
  • porcelain, glass and a lot of other unique art objects.

In the catalogues of antique auctions you can find art objects of great value from different historical eras. Take part in the auction and add original masterpieces to your home collection!

Auctions of contemporary art

Auctions of contemporary art are quite popular among potential buyers for a lot of reasons. Just imagine, participation in such auctions is a real chance to buy a masterpiece today, otherwise tomorrow it will cost much more.

The works of talented contemporary artists are growing in price every year. Therefore, potential buyers at the auction compete among themselves not only for the right to purchase a prestigious lot, but also for the opportunity to invest money with a profit for the future. Use your chance to become a full participant of the auction and buy a unique creation of art!

Frequently asked questions

First of all, you should register to be able to purchase at auction. After confirming your email address, enter your personal information in your user profile, such as your first name, last name, and mail address. Choose a lot from the upcoming auction and the maximum amount you want to place on it. After confirmation of your choice, we will send your application by e-mail to the appropriate auction house. If the auction house accepts a request, it will participate in the auction. You can view the current status of a bid at any time in your personal account in the "Bids" section.

Auctions are performed by auction houses and each of the auction houses describes their terms of auction. You can see the texts in the section "Auction information".

The results of the auction are published within a few days after the end of the auction. In the top menu of the site, find the tab "Auctions". Click on it and you will be on the auction catalog page, where you can easily find the category "Results". After opening it, select the desired auction from the list, enter and view the current status of the interested lot.

Each of the auction houses has its own payment policy for the won lots. All auction houses accept bank transfers, most of them accept credit card payments. In the near future you will find detailed information for each case in the section "Auction information" on the page of the auction catalog and the lot.

Shipment of the won lot depends on its size. Small items can be delivered by post. Larger lots are sent by courier. Employees of the auction houses will offer you a wide range to choose from.