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VIL is a meeting place for connoisseurs of rare, unusual, antique, beautiful things. Set up your antique shop on our website and you will receive great traffic from the target auditorium. Save big investments in your own website.

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We are developing our internet platform to attract new customers to antique dealers. In other words, you place your goods and we work for you and expand your potential customer base.

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VIL geography already covers collectors from 20 states, and this is just the beginning. Your antique shop will be visited by buyers from the most developed regions of the planet.

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Visitors to VIL are solvent, understand what are antiques, and look for rare works of art. On average, more than fifty large transactions per day are made on the platform and this number is steadily increasing with the development of the service.

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"The best of traditions, the most advanced of innovations"
VIL (VeryImportantLot) is an online art and antiques trading platform that allows any seller to find buyers. With this service, we have preserved the classic traditions of the antique business: professionalism, respectability, love of art and antiquity.

But in XXI. Century is impossible to act in the relaxed rhythm of the Victorian era. We've created an artificial intelligence online platform that will allow you to open your antique shop in minutes, increasing your competitiveness and your bottom line.

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The opening of a shop at VIL does not require any special knowledge. You do not have to pay to create your own website and have it optimized for search engines. Use the already built-in capabilities of the well-known trading platform.

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VIL is an intuitive interface that makes transactions easy to execute. Many useful features and intelligent marketing are combined with easy management. You'll understand how to work with the service in five minutes.

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Marketing capabilities of VIL increase the visibility of your products to paying collectors on all search engines without additional advertising. Their goods are seen by interested buyers, especially in the Russian Federation.

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If you have questions about the use of VIL and the establishment of the antique shop, we will be happy to advise and assist you. It is important to us that you can enjoy all the benefits of our service!

VIL is a platform where professionals sell.

Alexandr Deineka
Sold for 2,848,500 £

Alexandr Deineka

Heroes of the First Five-Year Plan

Albrecht Dürer. A series of lithographs
Sold for 40,000 €

Albrecht Dürer

A series of lithographs

Porcelain figure
Sold for 18,500 €

A porcelain figurine

Gardener with vegetables

Auction House Bene Merenti Orden
Sold for 15,000 €

Order of the Wendish crown


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