antiques cups

Antique cups

Many antique cups are made from Ceramics or common ancient materials which leaves them lovely and highly valuable!

Being a work of creativity in the ancient world makes it awesome and fascinating because they date back to the old days and ancient times!

Zierpokal Zierpokal Zierpokal
Lot 73 Zierpokal "Cut Jewel"
Price:  € 400
  € 400
5D : 3H : 46M left
Zierpokal "Coupe Bijou" Verreries Schneider, Epinay/Seine, In 1922, 1926, The Colorless glass with the powder melting into Yellow and purple-brown. The feet and the three applied Nuppen in Colorless with violet powder melting. More passig gekniffener mouth edge. Acid frosted. Walk in with ...
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Pair of Russian silver gobletsPair of Russian silver gobletsPair of Russian silver goblets
Lot 74 Pair of Russian silver goblets
Price:  € 500
  € 500
8D : 9H : 46M left
Pair of Russian silver goblets. Silver 84th samples, engraving. Factory Alexander Mukhin, Moscow, 1873, Height: 12,5 cm Diameter: 8.5 cm weight: 315 gr.
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Large Baroque Goblet Large Baroque Goblet Large Baroque Goblet
Lot 603 Large Baroque Goblet
Price:  € 1 000
  € 1 000
19D : 5H : 16M left
Silver. Russia in 1768. With flowers and foliage, driven and chased. Punches on the ground. Diameter 11.2 cm, height 19.5 cm. Weight 533 Grams.■ Condition II
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Consider an antique cup for gifting purpose

You can consider antique cups for personal use, or for gifting purposes. With them as gift fixtures and packages, you can show your recipients how much you love them and what they are worth.

It even gets more interesting because you have a variety of category to choose from with auction antique.


Good Dining Table Decors too: trusted, declared, confidence

Antique cups can seat perfectly and decoratively on your dining tables and home tables.

Antique cups are sometimes accompanied by saucers which compliment each tea and liquid you serve.

When complimented with saucers and other tableware, you quickly send your style to your visitors and home users.

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