Anastasiia Djoconda. Mobile office for meetings, conferences and trainings

Location:Ukraine, Kiev
Product availability:On order
Anastasiia Djoconda. Mobile office for meetings, conferences and trainings
Creative space is a meeting place for formal and non formal communication of the city's progressive youth. There are often visitors from other cities of Ukraine and foreigners who come to the city with various purpace, charitable and democratic goals. In the space there are training and development events, in which a different number of people can participate, so I was tasked to make a mobile modern office. At the same time, there were strict limitations on the repair budget and an almost non-stop flow of measures. It was decided to leave the old tile for the floor and plasterboard, decorating the room in the format of modern youth. Also, the task was to meet the $ 1,500 mark for the repair budget. The blue tiles on the floor, the already existing pieces of furniture and the violet walls in the neighboring rooms forced us to take a bold enough color solution to unite all the surrounding components into a single whole.


Some of the materials in the office were here after the last repair. These are: the Armstrong ceiling, blue tiles, not feng shui.... brown conference chairs that have already been buyed. Ah, a green sofa.

To combine all this into a single composition, i done a complex solution.

On materials i used:
1. Paints;
2. Bricks;
3. Textures of materials in wallpaper, reception and other mets...
About the artist

I do not know who are you.. And I do not know whether you really are a German who is interested in art.
But I have no choice. I live in Ukraine, I was chosen on Europe Property Awards 2018. This is the most prestigious architectural event in the world, you know.

In my country, a lot of problems. These are corruption and family preupny clans, not interested in development, but only in enrichment. Very cheap workers, cheap materials and a high selling price. It's boring for me.

And we have closed all payments (except private) . I can’t sell work through paypal or ebay, because I can’t activate account. This is the policy of the Ukrainian central bank.

I have never exhibited my artwork and most of them are available only for digital printing. And now I want to sell them for the first time. Because we have a lot of problems in the country.

And I'm looking for a job. I'm looking for a job as an interior designer, just a designer or furniture designer. I can do everything - draw, do 3D visualization, maintain repairs and select materials. I am ready to come or work remotely. I make cool interiors, but I am not a member of the family of politicians, so they do not give me orders.

I just want to do design and art, as before.