Igor Marukha. Wooden sailing rowing boat Whitehall

Location:Ukraine, Brovary
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Igor Marukha. Wooden sailing rowing boat Whitehall
Igor Marukha Handcrafted Wooden Boats. The author's work.
Wooden sailing rowing boat Whiterhall were custom designed in 1820 in America, new York, Whitehall street. This boat was built in 2015 according to the original drawings of several varieties of exotic breeds of wood with application of modern materials. Author Igor maruja 100% handmade. During the construction of the boats was used by the red wood species such as SIPO Mahogany , Sapelli, Merbao. Glue, lacquer and resin premium from the best international brands. The hull was built using rack and pinion technology. Whiterhall decorate without exception to any pond, house, office, storefront, cafe and restaurant, a collection of boats and can be a nice gift for fans of stylish things and collectors. This boat can solve many interior problems. Slight fading and a semi-matte varnish on the wood give the vintage boat and immediately there is a feeling of style and furniture. The boat is equipped with bronze oarlocks (masturbirovala copy of the rowlocks which were on the boat the Admiral of the Royal Navy of Britain, the end of XVIII beginning of XIX century. The original was purchased at auction in America). Graceful form of the boats represent a classic, aristocratic style, and as we know classics always was, is and will be in fashion.
Regardless of whether you want to retire to open waters, have a romantic trip with a loved one or just to give family adventure weekend, a rowing boat is the best way to enjoy the beauty of nature.
About the artist
Люблю все красивое и оригинальное. Строю винтажные деревянные лодки из высших сортов экзотических пород древесины. 100% ручная работа.