Sergey Stuzhin. The Icon Of The Vernicle

Location:Russia, Nab. Chelny
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Sergey Stuzhin. The Icon Of The Vernicle
A pine Board with double ark, acrylic paint, stain, linseed drying oil.
A copy of the icon of the master Euphemia (1685,Holy Trinity Annunciation Sinozersky deserts).
Over 14.12.2019.
02.02.2020 lit in the Church of St. Macarius St. Macarius
The icon is executed without pavoloka and gesso directly on wood, slightly covered with stain. The painting reflects the life of the Board, through the visible wood fibers, showing the wood structure. The image looks at the viewer through this "wood crack," which makes the icon a special expressiveness.
About the artist
59 лет. Последние 20 лет работаю в сфере рекламы и полиграфического дизайна. Очень увлечен православным искусством и архитектурой. Хобби - пишу списки с икон северного письма.
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