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Lot 3185 Exhibition Catalogues
I. Karl-Georg Hirsch *graphics and literature* A selection of four decades, with zahlr. Fig., Catalogue of the exhibitions in Ratzburg, Bretten, mark clover mountain and under riding in 1998/99. Catalog editing, Hiltrud Lübbert, 1000 copies, 1998 Ratzeburg, 96 p., ill. Oct. II. *George Grosz life and work* catalogue of the exhibitions in Hamburg, Frankfurt am Main, Braunschweig, Münster, Wien, Karlsruhe, Wuppertal and Berlin, 1975-1977. Ed. by Uwe M. Schneede and contributions by Georg Bussmann and Mary Schneede-Sczesny, with 233 part color. Fig. and a Register, in 1975, Stuttgart, Verlag Gerd Hatje, 184 p., ill Oct. III. a. Paul Weber *work directory for the stylus art* wood cuts and lithographs from 1939 to 1981. Ed. Erich Arp., with 165 Fig. around 1985, Hamburg, Christians, 66 unpag. Bll., Oct. m. ill. OU. IV. *the Crystallisation of the New Saxon gallery* Foreword by Eberhard Roters. With zahlr., part color. Fig., In 1994, Dresden, Oct. V. *Walter Gramatt*, Watercolors, Drawings, Prints. Catalogue of the exhibition in the Kunsthalle in Bremen in 1970, introduction by Ferdinand Eckhardt. With 19 Fig. and a exhibition directory, 1970, Bremen, Kunsthalle, 36 unpag. Bll., Oct. m. OU

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