Lot 395. ATLAS BELLIN (Jacques-Nicolas) - Hydrography Françoise.

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Lot 395ATLAS BELLIN (Jacques-Nicolas) - Hydrography Françoise.
[ATLAS] BELLIN (Jacques-Nicolas) - Hydrography Françoise. Collection of Maps Marine General and Particular upright to the Filing of Maps, Plans, Newspapers, by order of the Ministers of the navy from 1737 until, in 1772, by the late Mr. bellin, Engineer-Hydrographer to the Depot and the other for the Service of Ships of the Roy.

Versailles, Department of the Navy. Very large folio (50x65cm) full tanned leather back, back nerves, parts of title kept with the centre of the dishes the ancient coat of arms preserved. Coat of arms of the King and the first flat under the coat of arms Service of the Vessels of the Roy (of roy cleared). The binding was redone by the workshops Martin-Bres in Marseille. The entire work is mounted on tab. Absence of the engraved Frontispiece. Title Page numbered 2, decorated and printed by L. Arrivet, The title page has been vetted out in the center. 1 leaflet description, n°4 Globe [tear in the center of the card 36 cm]; n°5 Compass. Cards, a variety raised by Mr. Chabert between 1746-1751 ; 1 sheet, descriptive ; n°57 Golphe du Saint-Laurent ; n°58 Golphe du Saint-Laurent ; [59] northern Part of the Isle of Newfoundland ; no. 60 Grand bench of The Isle of Newfoundland ; n°61, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon [small tear in margin on 3 cm]; [62] Saint-Pierre ; [63] The River of Saint Lawrence ; [63] River Saint Laurent [same card] ; n°65 Costes Orientales de l'amérique septentrionale ; no. 66 Coasts of Louisiana and Florida ; no. 67 Gulf of Mexico and Islands of the Americas [small tear in margin on 3 cm in the center]; [69] Isle of the Cube ; and n°70 Isle of Jamaica ; no. 71 particular Map Isle of Jamaica ; no. 72 Isle of Saint-Domingue and the débouqements ; n°73 Isle of Saint-Domingue. N°74 Débouqements of Saint Domingo ; and n°75 Isles of the west Indies ; 75 bis Ilses of the Caribbean (suite) ; [76] Isle of St. kitts ; n°77 Isle of Antigua [map, simple] ; n°78 Isles of Guadeloupe ; n°79 Isle of Martinique ; [80] Isle of Saint Lucia ; no. 89 Coasts of western Africa ; n°90, Part of the Coasts of Western and southern Africa [tear in the center of the map on a 10-cm] ; n°91 Eastern Ocean or sea of the Indies ; and n°92 Mozambique channel, and Madagascar, and Bourbon ; n°93 Isle of Madagascar [wetting 23x30cm center] ; [94] the Isle of Bourbon ; [95] Presqu'isle of India ; n°97 Strait of Malaca, Sincapour and the Governor ; [98] Isles Philippines ; no. 100, South Sea or the Pacific. 37 charts engraved on copper 36 double-page, 1 simple black and white. The size of the cards boards double 93cm x 64cm and boards simple 64 x 45cm. Maps drawn and revised between 1742 and 1775. Each card was sold 30 land (price printed, price manuscript) with most of the time the buffer printed with the Filing of the Navy. Most of the cards were probably printed between 1765 and 1775. The entire work contains about 110 cards. Good condition, foxing scattered.

Jacques-Nicolas Bellin (1703-1772), cartographer, hydrographer French was appointed in 1721, the hydrographer of the Ministry of the Navy following the creation of the Office French Hydrographic and Filing of Maps and Plans of the Navy, and Engineer-Hydrograph in 1741. He set up many cards. He took part then actively to the writing of the encyclopédie of Diderot and d'alembert, and was a member of the Académie de Marine and of the Royal Society of London

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