Austria: Imperial Austrian Franz-Joseph-Orden

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Lot 158Austria: Imperial Austrian Franz-Joseph-Orden
Austria: Imperial Austrian Franz-Joseph order, commander with swords from the estate of Colonel Rudolf Johann Ferdinand Christian, commander of the K. u. K. field-artillery-Brigade 11.
1.) Bronze gilded, partly enameled, multiple punctuated, the swords in the suspension bolted to two of the Ring V. MAYER's SÖHNE, VIENNA, asterisk hallmarked 76 x 38 mm, 27.6 g 2.) Gold, partly enameled, multiple punctuated, the swords are cast and finely finished, in the Agraffe double riveted, the Ring is hallmarked VA, 3 wind dog's head in A long ribbon 74 x 37 mm, 26.9 g of 3.) Oil painting, portrait in full religious jewelry, L. KUCHINKA, F. M. L., 1930. VI. 4.) Oil painting, portrait of his wife, Franziska, signed L. KUCHINKA, 19.VII.30. various photos and documents, as well as extensive research documentation.
Bronze: 76 x 38 mm, 27,6 g
Gold: 75 x 37 mm, 26,8 g.

The estate of the complete personnel file with a copy of - what facilitates historical research. The application that resulted in the award of the knight commander's cross of the Franz-Joseph-order with swords, reads as follows: "For brave conduct and exquisite service in front of the enemies. Colonel Christian has a 1-year Command on the 11. F. A. Brigade to the tactical, disciplinary and material Constitution has a profound, exquisite influence. His participation in the preparations for a defensive battle in Volhynia in the spring of 1917, and the organization of the artillery defense of the I. D. in the autumn of 1917-related position in Eastern Galicia showed him in the same way as a modern-thinking, excellent trained, extremely hard-working and extremely initiatives. leaders. During the advance of the I. D. in the Ukraine, he was kept in Tarnopol as a commander on the advance of 3 I. D. held the section to be occupied back, and also showed here in a very unsettled by the rapid development of the advance-related conditions, energy and rapid purpose bewustes Act. After the capture of Kherson, he was entrusted with the management of the application of Goods for the Hinterland. What has been done in this respect, Successful, is first and foremost his organizational skills, his tireless very proper, all agents correctly ausnütze Work, thanks. Colonel Christian, therefore, appears to be a Ah. Award in particular is worthy of.". The portraits of Him such as his wife were from the field-Marshal Ludwig Kuchinka Lieutenant made in the years 1930 and show Him, with the commander in the neck. Beautiful Ensemble.
Condition: I-II
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