Lot 346. BELL with his flying submarine

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Lot 346BELL with his flying submarine
Casabianca introduced in 1935

44 x 33 cm.

The "Casabianca" is a submarine of 1500 tonnes of the class of the "Formidable" (1931), launched in 1935 and entered service in 1936. He entered in the legend on the 27th of November 1942 in escaping from Toulon, thus preventing the scuttling that will affect a large part of the French Fleet. Travelling to Algiers, the Casabianca will pretty quickly at the service of the provisional government and of the allied command. It will become very quickly a symbol of the Resistance, participating in many secret missions (landing of weapons and agents on the continent and Corsica).

With two buildings of enemy war sunk, and many perilous missions in occupied France, Jean l'herminier and his crew will be one of the most beautiful pages of the History of the FNFL. September 13, 1943, in conditions that are incredible, the Casabianca landed 109 men of the Battalion of Shock to Ajaccio, troops who will support the

patriots in corsica to free the island. Dismantled in 1956, only one remains in the conning tower that will be destroyed because of bad storage, and then reconstituted to be identical in order to be exposed to Bastia.

Offered in the fifties by the commander Jean l'herminier, the "pasha" of the building, to his great-grand father, Mr Amédée Aufray, president of the national association of former submariners, and has since been parked in a closet dusty, this bell is the only object of the genuine remains of the famous ship.

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