Lot 385. Book of hours Manuscript. Parchment (Fifteenth century).

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Lot 385Book of hours Manuscript. Parchment (Fifteenth century).
Set consisting of 2 sheets 143 x 100 mm with a justification of 133 x 90 mm on the front and 90 x 80 mm on the back. They are extracted from a manuscript, with the back two paintings that are from the same book.

The paintings

Visitation of the virgin. A board represents the probable Visitation of the Virgin, the episode of the gospel according to st. Luke : Mary, pregnant with Christ, visits her cousin Elizabeth, pregnant with John the Baptist. An angel watches the scene and in the background, an architectural backdrop.

The presentation of Jesus in the temple. Episode of the gospel according to st. Luke. Joseph and Mary present Jesus in the Temple, where they were received by the old man Symeon.

The decoration

The artist uses a palette dominated by blue, green and ochre, the folds of the dresses are quite thin and the expressive faces, sometimes even purposes. Highlights to the gold. Rich vegetal decoration in frame with leaves, flowers and fruits red, punctuated by the foliage. The text begins with an initial in blue and wine lees on the bottom ochre.

The back of the other two sheets is presented with a framing of the same bill that the paintings, including the one with one initial and the other with four initials. Highlights of gold.

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