Lot 1595. CLASSICISM STUTZUHR. Neuwied. To 1780-1795. The Case Manufacture David Roentgen

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Lot 1595CLASSICISM STUTZUHR. Neuwied. To 1780-1795. The Case Manufacture David Roentgen
Neuwied. To 1780-1795. The case manufacture David Roentgen attributed to the work of Bizen in Ürdingen.

Mahogany polished, gold-plated brass applications. Enamel dial. Straight, high, rectangular box. Verkröpfte edges in the Form of pilasters with Kanneluren. The Base with wheels and Chequer plate decorated. The cornice with dental frieze. Oval, graded degree with balusters, pediments. Round, slightly domed dial with Roman numerals and Arabic minute Markings. Rectangular platinum factory (daily runner) with thread suspension, spindle, gear, rack strike movement, half hour strike on bell and Repetition. 37,5x23x13 cm.
On the dial Bizen A. ORDINGEN.
Condition B. (P/S).

Collection of the margraves and Grand Dukes of Baden.
- Private Collection, Germany.

Ian D. Fowler, Friesenhagen, February 2016.

- Sotheby's: The collection of the margraves and Grand Dukes of Baden, Baden-Baden, 5. to 21. October 1995. Catalog Bd. IV, Lot 6013.
- Dietrich Fabian: Abraham and David Roentgen, Bad Neustadt/Saale, Germany in 1996. Type comparisons p. 175 to 179.
- The District Museum In Neuwied (Hrsg.): Kinzing & Co, Innovative watches from the province, Neuwied 2003. Type comparisons p. 134 and 135.

The opinion in part:

A Bracket Clock in a case attributed to David Roentgen or workshop Neuwied. 1780-1795, signed Bizen A. Ordingen.

In the course of the last 2 decades a small number of bracket clocks have come to light that are either signed by Roentgen and Kinzing on the dial, or can be definitely attributed to the workshop of the cabinetmaker family Roentgen or the clockmaker family Kinzing. The case of this clock in the neoclassical Roentgen style has all the typical characteristics: the concentrically stepped is brass roundels, the dentil frieze, the fluting filled half way, along with brass rods, the surmounting neoclassical urn, the chamfered applies to the brass surfaces on the base and the use of mahogany veneer. As none of the known clock cases made in the Roentgen workshops were signed or marked by the maker it is impossible to attributes the work to one individual craftsman. lt may also have been produced by a successor who learnt his trade in Neuwied, although the dating of the movement and dial alone can be narrowed down to the last 2 decades of the eighteenth century even
though almost nothing is known about the clockmaker himself named on the dial. (...)

Other clocks signed by Bizen in Ordingen are as yet unknown. Ordingen is today known as Uerdingen and is part of the city of Krefeld, some 140 kilometres north of Neuwied on the Rhine. However, another clockmaker, Hermann Christoph Langerhans (1754 - 1839) working in Krefeld, Germany, from around 1783 is known to have learnt his trade in Neuwied with Kinzing and made a number of important clocks in the manner of Kinzing including musical clocks (one in the city Museum in Cologne). Langerhans also made bracket clocks in neoclassical cases reminiscent of those signed by or attributed to Roentgen and Kinzing. Whether there was a connection between Bizen and Langerhans remains speculative. In the German horological listings (Jürgen Abeler, a master of the art of watchmaking, 2010) a clockmaker Bizen in Ordingen is not recorded. However, a clockmaker Henry Bitzen (the difference in spelling is negligible) in Königswinter is recorded with a clock dated 1777 (king winter is 40km north of Neuwied on the Rhine). According to the marriage records in Uerdingen (Ordingen) Bitzen to Anthony from ‘Honeff’ (today in Bad Honnef in the immediate vicinity to king winter), married Anna Margaretha Reiglers in 1771. The surname of
Bizen/Bitzen is rare and is only otherwise to be found among clockmakers recorded by Abeler in connection with a widow in Cologne in the first half of the nineteenth century. Whether Henry Bitzen and Anthony Bitzen were related again remains speculative, but highly probable. (...).
Grandfather clocks and mantel clocks
18. Century
Roentgen, David

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