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Sp. Neolithic Qijia culture, North-West China, approx. 2200 - 1900
DM. TO 12 CM, THICKNESS 2.5 - 3 MM
玉璧。中國,齊家文化,約公元前2200-1900 年。直徑約12 厘米,厚 0.25 x 0.3 厘米。維也納私人舊藏。

This disc, a white Baiyu Jade, is a Huan, a Bi with a larger inner opening.This Jade is divided four times, thus Lianhuan, wherein the lian means "to hang together". These are mounted on each of the four segments of the Eyelets, these have a side drilled with different width Openings. The right side of this Huan is to recognize immediately. Especially beautiful in this Jade the gray-black Cloudy in contrast to the White, furthermore, several areas are yellowish, the Transitions are fluent. The piece is polished on both sides completely flat and thin translucency, therefore, is very good, the light, the contrasts appear even stronger. Four shared disks are rare, more common three-part. Age characteristics, veins, and Spots on the outer edge with weathering, received the Polish is largely good.

In comparative examples, only three shared disks, for example, in "Chinese Jade" of the British Museum, London no. 7:9, however, later, as the example in the "Ancient Chinese Jades" of the Fogg Art Museum in Massachusetts, no. 92, the sizes about the same.

This Jade is published in the book of FILIPPO SALVIATI: “THE MYSTERIOUS STONE: Chinese Jades from the Neolithic to the Han in private collections” (publication date spring 2017).

Notes by Prof. Salviati: Compare three rings, each formed by three arch-shaped sections from the Sam Myers collection and published in F. Salviati, Radiant Stones. Archaic Chinese Jades / Pierre Radieuses, Hong Kong, 2000, nos.71-73. A ring carved in a similar type of jade and from the collection of R. H. Ellsworth (1929-2014), has been sold at Christie's New York on 19 March 2015 (Sale 11420), Lot 560: http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/lot/a-white-jade-bi-disc-china-shang-western-5876617-details.aspx?from=salesummery&intObjectID=5876617&sid=99a72b8d-24b2-40a7-a133-4f2f8791a87e

Expertise: Wolfmar Zacken & Filippo Salviati
From a Viennese collection
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