Lot 587. Exceptional Seidenghom, Mostly Manufactory "Jamshidi". Central Persia

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Lot 587Exceptional Seidenghom, Mostly Manufactory "Jamshidi". Central Persia
Only rarely, Beards of the most manufactory Jamshidi of the Central Persian city of Qom will be offered for sale. It is the products of probably the best workshop of this provenance, the result of their position as exceptional works of art on the fineness of their knotting with about 1 - 1.2 million knots to the square metre, the extra detail-rich pattern drawing led, as well as the special technique of two different colored threads in a knot. This special appearance of reason, to refer to as "salt and pepper", can be found for example in the case of some of the Gabbehs from Südpersien, as well as in Bidjar carpets from West Persia. However, the quality of this silk knotting is much higher, and the effect for the viewer even more intensively. The very fine-drawn medallion composition draws on Persian architectural forms, and illustrated in the so-called "Gonbad" pattern, the view up into the dome construction. The cartridge-like, ocher basis field with palmette tendrils resting decor, figuratively speaking, on a stalactite vaults to safawidischem model to recognize here, in the honeycomb-like Design, and leads to the "dome cob". At the top and bottom edge of the Arch, are set cut-outs, the illusionistic three-dimensional arcades, halls and dome show the outside views. It could be a handle to a art, to illustrate the monumental construction simultaneously with the interior view, exterior view and longitudinal section. In the field of the arrow together spandrels, probably the same, a further description of the Outer and inner look. The box corners are additionally connected by a decorative trim with cartridge jewelry. Particularly, the motifs of the Persian lion to sides of a ruler's crown. A masterpiece of the decoration of the main border: a very graceful arcaded gallery, which is made up of various other blind arch motifs, and thus, the effect of spatial depth evokes. It is both in qualitative terms as well as in compositional sophistication to an outstanding Macramé of unique and luxurious character.

340 x 250 cm

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