Lot 1623. Finely engraved But with the head, urartäisch, 8. Century before Christ

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Lot 1623Finely engraved But with the head, urartäisch, 8. Century before Christ
Bronze sheet metal with a rear out driven face. The surface nachziseliert fine and time-consuming. The contours of the top tightened sharply, the land is partly with fine incised ornament filled in. Above, sides and base rounded, straight. In the center of the top mounting hole. Wide, well-to-female face with a narrow neck. The eyebrows are plastically worked out, and with oblique incised lines provided; in the middle of the nose line converging. Including the upper and lower lip of a narrow mouth. The almond-shaped eyes sculpturally prominent, the pupil of above, engraved. At the sides of ears with shells worked. Just above the eyebrows, a refined hairstyle, or a headdress comes with a finely crafted Texture: narrow, through lines limited tracks with oblique, opposite Ritz lines. Under the chin you can see from the back of the head of hair and cloth of the headgear with the same pattern to the outside swing. Beautiful dark green Patina. On the right side, two tears. Height 10.2 cm. Provenance: From a Rhenish private collection, acquired in the 70s and 80s in the art trade. Condition: II - III

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