Lot 353. HANDWRITTEN LETTER to three students, October 30, 1967

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Lot 353HANDWRITTEN LETTER to three students, October 30, 1967
LETTRE MANUSCRITE à trois étudiants, 30 octobre 1967, 1 p. Meeting was held in the fall of 1967. We were three students of the Moscow University: Valery Shcherbakov, historian, Vyacheslav Velikanov, a psychologist, and I'm a philosopher. Most of the time I devoted, true, literature. The experience of the underground magazines, the first publication in the West have made us the enthusiasts of self-publishing. Noisy little fat man in shirt his companions soon brought it down, and began the Brezhnev period of immobility. Talks about the meeting held a General friend Valeria and Solzhenitsyn. The last detail was clarified. The mood was cheerful. The meeting lasted probably about an hour. In addition to General impressions and expectations of the youth spiritual adoption, we hoped to "Cancer ward" and "the first circle" for later printing in Samizdat. From our conversation in the memory survived single words and gestures. And energy. He was interested in the mood of the students. In the advancing twilight we went to the station, not even looking in the city. We were silent on the way back to Moscow. After a week of Solzhenitsyn brought a letter and a verbal comment by a future Nobel laureate. Valery printed copies of ten letters on cigarette paper, the former in the big use. The autograph he gave me. Thanks! Nick! Valera! The feeling is that I yesterday his thought didn't finish, not doesnit. Here are a few words. Justice is the domain of long (centuries) of humanity and never ceases – even when individual ("narrowed") areas is overshadowed for most. Obviously, this concept of humanity frodeno, because you can't find another source. Justice exists if there are at least a few feeling it. The love of justice seems to me a sense separate from the love of people (or coincides with it only partially). And the massively corrupt age, when the question arises: "and for someone to try? And for whom to sacrifice? ” – can confidently answer: for Justice. It is not relative, like a conscience. She, in fact, have a conscience, but not personal, and all mankind immediately. The one who clearly hears the voice of his own conscience, he usually hears her voice. I think that any social (or historical, if we are not by hearsay, not from books know, and somehow touched my heart) issue. Justice we will advise you on how to act (or be judged) is not unconscionable. And since our mind is usually not enough to grasp, to understand and predict the course of history (a "plan" it, as you say, turned out to be pointless), never go wrong in any social situation will do what is right. This gives You the ability to be constantly active, not hands lowered. And don't tell me that "everyone understands justice in different ways". No! You can scream to the throat to take, chest scratched, but the inner stukachok as unequivocal as the promptings of conscience. (We did, and in his personal life, sometimes trying to drown the conscience). Shake hands! Solzhenitsyn

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