Lot 375. KOVCH MONEY. By FABERGÉ, Moscow, 1908-1917

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Lot 375KOVCH MONEY. By FABERGÉ, Moscow, 1908-1917
KOVCH MONEY. By FABERGÉ, Moscow, 1908-1917. Round in shape, resting on four feet ball, adorned in the center of the double-headed eagle of the Romanoffs, embossed and in relief. The outlet is set with a coin of 1 ruble, dating back to 1723, decorated on one face of the profile of the emperor Peter The Great and on the other side of his monogram under imperial crown, surrounded with a decoration of finely engraved with arabesques feuillagées. The rim is engraved with an inscription in cyrillic characters : "our brave and valiant soldiers-combatants to allies on the front, in memory of the War, on the part of the House K. Fabergé". Inside gold plated. Light draught, wear and tear of time, but very good overall condition. Punch title : 88, Moscow, 1908-1917. Punch goldsmith : K. Fabergé, marks the privilege and imperial and n° inventory : 23414. H. : 8 cm - Diam. : 21, 5 cm. Weight : 988 grams.

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