Large Baroque Terrine out of the Möllendorf

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Lot 178Large Baroque Terrine out of the Möllendorf
Large Baroque Terrine out of the Möllendorf Service.
MEISSEN 1761-1763, Relief "Prussian musical Design",
iron red-and-gold scales Wallpaper borders, floral iron-red Camaieu-
painting with "Indian flowers" and gold points, cover,
Venus partially restored, body shaving to a minimum,
Width: 38.5 cm (15 1/4 in), unglazed bottom, blue
Sword brand, literature: Pietsch: the Triumph of the blue
Swords Color Figure On Page 294, Pure Heckel: Magnificent
Service of Meissen porcelain color figure No. 97,98
■ the Service was, in 1761, by order of Frederick II, since
In 1740, king of Prussia, and made, in 1781, to General
Wichard von Möllendorf (1724-1816), gave away the Relief
with 6 raised Rococo cartouches, of which 3 with a
Flowers, branch, filled in the other music instruments: viola da Gamba,
Flute and music sheet, emblems of astronomy: telescope,
Globe, book, and olive branch and the military, a trumpet, a torch,
Lictors bundle and Laurel branch
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